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贝内迪克特·贝克 is an unseen Character in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png, most commonly known for his journal entries which can be seen throughout the game and in the game manual.

In his journal he states to have met and talked to the Survivors but has also encountered the Killers.

It is speculated that Benedict Baker may become a killer in a future release. This is due to some of his entries displaying the loss of his own hope, which the Entity is stated to feed off of - Losing all hope is what it takes to become a Killer.

Background[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

In 1956, Baker began searching in a town called Weeks. A place in America with an unusual amount of missing persons reports; despite having 364 active reports, nobody had ever been discovered. Days later, Baker began to see Weeks for what it was - a ghost town full of abandoned buildings. After learning that the events in Weeks seemingly led back to The Macmillan Estate, the former heart of Weeks, Baker searched for police reports and complaints, but came up empty with no legal action reports.

An unknown time later, Baker reports awaking in a "strange place," with no memory of how he arrived at the location - last recalling heading towards The Macmillan Estate on foot. Baker describes his visceral experience as having a "seemingly never ending fire" burning beside him, surrounded by woodlands. After this, Baker dubs his experiences to be 'post-Awakening'. After this 'post-Awakening', all of Baker's entries begin to read '1896' even though earlier in the journal he clearly stated that he began his journey in 1956.

Unaware of his physiological state of mind, Baker attempted to hike his way out of the woods, to no avail. Baker's attempts to escape the woods brought him closer to "a nameless terror" which stalks the darkness, a horrid shadow. Baker also recalls seeing the Entity, personifying it to "pluck those who fall into its path," trapping them in a grim repeat of life and death.

Discoveries: Benedict's Journal[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Death is not death. In this place, life is fleeting. To whomever might find this lore, I can but only provide you with one advice: always move forward. This is what keeps me alive, and have so for a while. If I were to advise further, I would suggest you harvest every forsaken location for anything that might thwart the horrors that lurk within. And keep an eye on the gates. If they open, you must flee. I hope my scribbles have not been in vain. If you find this lore, make use of it and pass it on. If you find me, bury my body.
~ Benedict Baker's Journal, Nov. 1896

In his journal, Baker identifies:

Exit Gates
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逃生者 IconHelpLoading survivor.png
DF charSelect portrait.png 德怀特·费菲尓德 MT charSelect portrait.png 梅格·托马斯 CM charSelect portrait.png 克劳黛特·莫莱 JP charSelect portrait.png 朴·杰克 NK charSelect portrait.png 妮娅·卡尔森 LS charSelect portrait.png 劳丽·斯特罗德
AV charSelect portrait.png 埃斯·维斯孔蒂 BO charSelect portrait.png 威廉·比尔·奥弗贝克 FM charSelect portrait.png 凤敏 DK charSelect portrait.png 大卫·金 ES charSelect portrait.png 昆汀·史密斯 FS charSelect portrait.png 大卫·泰普
GS charSelect portrait.png 凯特·登森 HS charSelect portrait.png 亚当·弗朗西斯 KS charSelect portrait.png 杰夫·约翰森 MS charSelect portrait.png 珍妮·罗梅罗 AW charSelect portrait.png 阿什利·威廉姆斯
杀手 IconHelpLoading killer.png
TR charSelect portrait.png 陷阱杀手 WR charSelect portrait.png 幽灵杀手 HB charSelect portrait.png 电锯杀手 NR charSelect portrait.png 护士 SH charSelect portrait.png 迈克尔·迈尔斯 HA charSelect portrait.png 妖巫
DO charSelect portrait.png 医生 BE charSelect portrait.png 女猎手 CA charSelect portrait.png 食人魔 EK charSelect portrait.png 梦魇 FK charSelect portrait.png 门徒 GK charSelect portrait.png 小丑
HK charSelect portrait.png 怨灵 KK charSelect portrait.png 军团 MK charSelect portrait.png 瘟疫 OK charSelect portrait.png 鬼面
阿莱克斯 贝内迪克特·贝克 恶灵 威戈 (还有更多...)
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