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I have difficulty keeping my sanity. Each day, this altering world provides me with new trials. A man wearing the robes of a doctor crossed my path. From afar, I witness him walking around, searching.. But he was not...normal. Eyes and mouth pried open, in a painful and disturbing way. Where do these fiends stem from? I do not trust him, he looks like he wants to bring pain, not healing? I will stay away, it is the wisest thing to do.

~ 未知日记(疑似来自贝内迪克特·贝克
DO charSelect portrait.png
115% | 4.6米/秒 (惩罚模式)
110% | 4.4米/秒 (治疗模式)
Alex Lin

医生,本名赫曼·卡特,是黎明杀机 IconHelp DBDlogo.png16位杀手之一。

他是DLC 疯狂的火花 中的角色。

概述[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

医生 是一位精神错乱诱发型杀手,能够使用他的力量创造一个静电场,使逃生者丧失能力,并最终导致他们在恐怖中产生幻觉和尖叫,暴露他们的位置。

他的可传授技能压迫性气场 IconPerks overwhelmingPresence.png监控与打击 IconPerks monitorAndAbuse.png以及电量超载 IconPerks overcharge.png影响逃生者的修理能力,并让他在没有追捕时更难被觉察。



背景故事[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

From an early age, Herman Carter understood the human psyche. To analyze and deconstruct something as powerful as the brain intrigued him. He was an apt pupil and gained the attention of his teachers. He excelled in high-school and was published in “Partisan” - a psychology gazette. Within a year Carter was fast-tracked into Yale’s advanced neuroscience programme, really a front for the CIA. Brainpower is a must if you’re about to conquer the world and demolish foes across the pond. The CIA understood this, so interrogation and intelligence became their number one priority. All they needed were brilliant people - like Carter.

Carter and other top-tier recruits were transferred off-campus and into a secret black site facility in Illinois known as the Léry Memorial Institute. A protege craves a mentor, and that’s where Mr. Stamper stepped in who taught Carter that information is everything and knowledge is power. He was given all instruments needed, a guiding hand, and more or less everything he asked for. He never realized that sunlight had started to become so scarce. That he too was kept in the dark. Because knowledge doesn’t only give you power, it also transforms you into a threat.

To extract information was his mission. Mr. Stamper encouraged Carter to go further and not to consider this a normal medical facility - no eyes were watching them, there were no rules to abide. The agency just pointed Carter in the right direction, then he started to take a few steps back as he saw how Carter could walk on his own. Docile test subjects were exchanged for real, live spies. People that played a role in the troubles outside the facility. Carter shouldered this new role - Project Awakening took form, and on paper Carter described it as “experimental interrogation”. It was approved and over a few months, nobody knocked on his door. Screams and moans filled the corridor outside his lab, but wars skew people and what they accept - as long as the enemy is kept at bay. The fluorescent lights flickered more and more often. ECT became a standard dish on the menu. Prisoners held at the facility begged the guards to take them to any other lab but Carter’s. Rumors were disregarded in the beginning.

Over the years, Carter became known as the Doctor and no one ever questioned if he had even held a medical certificate or even what happened to the prisoners after they had given up their information. It was only after the Léry Memorial Institute went silent for a week that they finally uncovered the true horror of what had happened there.

Carter’s experimental information extraction had turned to horrific and bizarre torture. Patients and prisoners were found dead or in vegetative states with all types of head trauma. In his office, they found the most terrible discovery of all. Mr. Stamper, himself, his head peeled open and an array of electrodes and sensors inserted into his still working but annihilated brain. There was no sign of Herman “The Doctor” Carter, but his research papers suggested that he had been using the prisoners as part of awful ECT experiments as he searched for the panacea of mind control.

The government didn’t want to know. The black site was condemned and all knowledge of the Léry Memorial Institute redacted forever.

可传授技能[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

以下技能起初只会出现在医生的血网 IconHelp bloodweb.png中。在血网 IconHelp bloodweb.png解锁可传授版之后才会出现在其他杀手角色的血网 IconHelp bloodweb.png中:

  • 压迫性气场 —— 30级解锁
  • 监控与打击 —— 35级解锁
  • 电量超载 —— 40级解锁
图标 名称 描述
IconPerks overwhelmingPresence.png


逃生者的道具 IconHelp items.png消耗量会增加80/90/100 %。


該技能起初只會出現在醫生的血網中。在醫生達到 30 級時血網會出現該技能的可傳授版,解鎖後該技能即可出現在其他殺手的血網中。

IconPerks monitorAndAbuse.png

当你正在追猎时,你的恐惧范围会扩大8米。在其他时候,你的恐惧范围会缩小8米,而你的视野会3/5/10 度扩展。视野增益不重叠。

“治疗时间到了!” — 医生

該技能起初只會出現在醫生的血網中。在醫生達到 35 級時血網會出現該技能的可傳授版,解鎖後該技能即可出現在其他殺手的血網中。



通过执行“破坏发动机”来使一台发电机 IconHelpLoading generators.png電量超載。

下一个使用这发动机的逃生者将会面临巨幅困难的技能检验 IconHelp skillChecks.png

技能检验失败将会导致发电机倒退3/4/5 %。技能检验成功则将防止发电机爆炸,但不会赋予玩家任何进度。


該技能起初只會出現在醫生的血網中。在醫生達到 40 級時血網會出現該技能的可傳授版,解鎖後該技能即可出現在其他殺手的血網中。

装备[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

狼牙棒[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

DO Stick01.png

The Stick is a Primary Weapon for the Doctor. An instrument of punishment when all other treatments failed.

  • In Punishment Mode, he holds his Weapon with both hands.
  • He puts his Weapon away on his belt when he's about to perform his Memento Mori IconHelp mementoMori.png.

卡特的电火花[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

FulliconPowers cartersSpark.png

Is it a gift, or a curse? The Entity has ignited a corrupted and inexhaustible spark in The Doctor’s heart which allows him to generate electro-convulsive power at will. His insidious treatment corrupts the minds of those it touches. Victims shocked by the corrupt spark begin to lose their grip on reality and, with repeated exposure, inevitably succumb to madness.

  • Grants the ability to switch between Treatment and Punishment modes.
  • While in Treatment mode, you move slower and generate a Static Field based on your Terror Radius which slowly increases the Survivors' Madness based on their proximity to the The Doctor. In exchange for your normal attack, grants the ability to charge and release a Shock Therapy attack that greatly increases Survivors' Madness, and prevents them from performing any interactions for 2.5 seconds. Treatment mode still allows The Doctor to do normal interactions such as vaulting windows, damaging generators, breaking pallets and grabbing Survivors.
  • Survivors with prolonged exposure to the Static Field, or when being hit repeatedly with the Shock Therapy attack, will enter Madness I, II, III and scream, revealing their position to The Doctor. Madness II and III cause Survivors to experience Doctor Hallucinations which can be seen by The Doctor as an allied aura if the Survivor is in Madness III. The Doctor can also see the auras in Madness II if he has equipped one of the following Add-ons:
  • Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png have a 33%, 66% or 100% chance of appearing in a random location while in Madness I, II or III, respectively.
  • In Madness III Survivors will regularly scream, revealing their position to The Doctor and they cannot do certain interactions until they Snap Out of It. Some notable exceptions exist, including dropping pallets and escaping using the Hatch IconHelp hatch.png
  • These are the interactions they cannot do while experiencing Madness III:
    • Healing themselves and other Survivors
    • Sabotage hooks
    • Repair generators
    • Cleanse totems
  • More Afflictions are available with Add-ons IconHelp addons.png.
  • While in Punishment mode, The Doctor moves at his normal speed and can swing his weapon to injure Survivors.
  • While in Treatment mode, Survivors inside Lockers IconHelp lockers.png are not affected by the Static Field.

卡特的电火花附加品[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

图标 名称 稀有度 描述
FulliconAddon moldyElectrode.png
  • 提升 电流疗法的攻击距离 25%
  • 少量提升 电流疗法的发动时间。
FulliconAddon mapleKnight.png
  • 显示出电流攻击的有效范围。
FulliconAddon orderClassI.png
  • 提升静电力场里神经紊乱值的累积速度10%

处于 神经紊乱II/III 的逃生者会受到以下影响:

  • 幻象板子可能会出现在被破坏的板子处,直到玩家足够接近时,幻象才会消失。
  • 每隔20秒会有一个幻象板子生成在距离医生 32米范围内的被破坏的板子处。
  • 为了看到病人的幻觉,医生会共享“病人”的神经紊乱等级。
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。
FulliconAddon calmClassI.png
用深层波长来安抚多种精神病患者的ECT疗程。 以卡特的电火花作为治疗源,因此会造成病患温和的焦虑感。
  • 小幅提高在治疗模式下的恐惧范围大小。
  • 小幅降低在惩罚模式下的恐惧范围大小。

处于 神经紊乱II/III的逃生者会受到以下影响:

  • 心跳声有大概率会出现,仿佛逃生者依然处于杀手恐惧范围的边缘,并持续15秒
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。
FulliconAddon scrappedTape.png
  • 电流攻击的范围从锥形变为环形,能到达8米远。环形的外径为4.2米,内径为3米。
FulliconAddon polishedElectrode.png
  • 提升电流疗法的攻击距离 50%
  • 中量提升电流疗法的发动时间。
FulliconAddon interviewTape.png
  • 电流攻击的范围从锥形变为线形,攻击范围长20米2米
FulliconAddon restraintClassII.png
一种在迷雾内研发的实验性ECT疗法, 使用令人难以忍受的刺激性波长来连接医生与病人的心灵。此疗程会导致病患出现严重的幻觉。
  • 当逃生者的神经紊乱等级提升时,逃生者的气场会显示1秒

处于 神经紊乱 的逃生者会受到以下影响:

  • 神经紊乱II: 小幅增加医生幻象的存留时间。医生自己也能看到幻象的气场
  • 神经紊乱III: 中幅增加医生幻象的存留时间。医生自己也能看到幻象的气场
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。
FulliconAddon orderClassII.png
  • 提升静电力场里神经紊乱值的累积速度15%

处于 神经紊乱II/III 的逃生者会受到以下影响:

  • 幻象板子可能会出现在被破坏的板子处,直到玩家足够接近时,幻象才会消失。
  • 每隔20秒会有一个幻象板子生成在距离医生 64米范围内的被破坏的板子处。
  • 为了看到病人的幻觉,医生会共享“病人”的神经紊乱等级。
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。


FulliconAddon disciplineClassII.png
  • 提高电流攻击15%的神经紊乱值增加量。


  • 神经紊乱II:当有逃生者被追逐时,处于神经紊乱II的逃生者会出现杀手红光恐惧范围的幻觉,好像医生就在背后一样,幻觉持续6秒
  • 神经紊乱III:当有逃生者被追逐时,处于神经紊乱III的逃生者会出现杀手红光恐惧范围的幻觉,好像医生就在背后一样,幻觉持续12秒
  • 为了看到病人的幻觉,医生会共享“病人”的神经紊乱等级。
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。

“我们用无微不至的关怀来对患者进行再教育。” —莱理疗养中心

FulliconAddon calmClassII.png
  • 中幅提高 在治疗模式下的恐惧范围大小。
  • 中幅降低 在惩罚模式下的恐惧范围大小。


  • 心跳声有巨大概率会出现,仿佛逃生者依然处于杀手恐惧范围的边缘,并持续20秒
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。


FulliconAddon highStimulusElectrode.png
  • 提升电流疗法的攻击距离 75%
  • 大幅增加 电流疗法的发动时间。
FulliconAddon restraintClassIII.png
一种在迷雾内研发的实验性ECT疗法, 使用令人难以忍受的刺激性波长来连接医生与病人的心灵。此疗程会导致病患出现严重的幻觉。
  • 当逃生者的神经紊乱等级提升时,逃生者的气场会显示2秒

处于 神经紊乱 的逃生者会受到以下影响:

  • 神经紊乱II: 中幅增加医生幻象的存留时间。医生自己也能看到幻象的气场
  • 神经紊乱III: 大幅增加医生幻象的存留时间。医生自己也能看到幻象的气场
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。
FulliconAddon disciplineClassIII.png
觉醒计划的ECT疗程,为了纪律处罚而推出,使用固定量的高电压。 会导致病患出现不同程度的妄想症。
  • 提高电流攻击20%的神经紊乱值增加量。


  • 神经紊乱II:当有逃生者被追逐时,处于神经紊乱II的逃生者会出现杀手红光恐惧范围的幻觉,好像医生就在背后一样,幻觉持续8秒
  • 神经紊乱III:当有逃生者被追逐时,处于神经紊乱III的逃生者会出现杀手红光恐惧范围的幻觉,好像医生就在背后一样,幻觉持续16秒
  • 为了看到病人的幻觉,医生会共享“病人”的神经紊乱等级。
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。


FulliconAddon restraintCartersNotes.png
一种在迷雾内研发的实验性ECT疗法, 粗略的注解过。使用令人难以忍受的刺激性波长来连接医生与病人的心灵。此疗程会导致病患出现严重的幻觉。
  • 当逃生者的神经紊乱等级提升时,逃生者的气场会显示3秒

处于 神经紊乱 的逃生者会受到以下影响:

  • 神经紊乱II: 大幅增加医生幻象的存留时间。医生自己也能看到幻象的气场
  • 神经紊乱III: 巨幅增加医生幻象的存留时间。医生自己也能看到幻象的气场
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。

"我能感受到他们 病的 令人作呕。” —无署名的笔记

FulliconAddon orderCartersNotes.png
  • 提升静电力场里神经紊乱值的累积速度25%

处于 神经紊乱 的逃生者会受到以下影响:

  • 幻象板子可能会出现在被破坏的板子处,直到玩家足够接近时,幻象才会消失。
  • 每隔20秒会有一个幻象板子生成在距离医生 任意范围内的被破坏的板子处。
  • 为了看到病人的幻觉,医生会共享“病人”的神经紊乱等级。

“刺激电源必须保持在强大 强大 的力道。” —赫曼·卡特

FulliconAddon obedienceCartersNotes.png
  • 玩家需要额外2秒 才能摆脱控制。

处于 神经紊乱III 的逃生者会出现以下症状:

  • 持续不断的疲劳状态。
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。

“摧残这些低劣的躯体。” - 无署名的笔记

FulliconAddon disciplineCartersNotes.png
  • 提高电流攻击25%的神经紊乱值增加量。


  • 神经紊乱II: 当有逃生者被追逐时,处于神经紊乱II的逃生者会出现杀手红光恐惧范围的幻觉,好像医生就在背后一样,幻觉持续10秒
  • 神经紊乱III:当有逃生者被追逐时,处于神经紊乱III的逃生者会出现杀手红光恐惧范围的幻觉,好像医生就在背后一样,幻觉会一直持续,直到逃生者脱离神经紊乱III
  • 为了看到病人的幻觉,医生会共享“病人”的神经紊乱等级。
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。

“为了避免顽固病患的症状复发,在纪律处分时对其使用 最大 程度的治疗。”—赫曼·卡特

FulliconAddon calmCartersNotes.png
  • 大幅提高 在治疗模式下的恐惧范围大小。
  • 大幅降低 在惩罚模式下的恐惧范围大小。

处于 神经紊乱II/III 的逃生者会受到以下影响:

  • 神经紊乱II: 心跳声有巨大概率 会出现,仿佛逃生者依然处于杀手恐惧范围的边缘,并持续20秒.
  • 神经紊乱III: 心跳声不断的出现,仿佛逃生者正处于杀手恐惧范围的边缘。
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。


FulliconAddon iridescentKing.png
  • 电流攻击 会使逃生者出现以下随机的神经紊乱效果:
    • “秩序”型幻觉: 幻象板子可能会出现在被破坏的板子处,直到玩家足够接近时,幻象才会消失。
    • “克制”型幻觉: 巨幅增加医生幻象的存留时间
    • “平静”型幻觉: 逃生者不断的听到来自远处的心跳声幻觉。
    • “纪律”型幻觉: 当有逃生者被追逐时,处于神经紊乱II的逃生者会出现杀手红光恐惧范围的幻觉,好像医生就在背后一样,幻觉持续10秒。若逃生者处于神经紊乱III,幻觉会一直持续,直到逃生者脱离神经紊乱III
    • “服从”型幻觉: 处于神经紊乱III的逃生者会一直处于疲劳状态
  • 同样的效果将不会叠加。


成就[编辑 | 编辑源代码]



图标 名称 描述
64x64px 专业医生 扮演医生,在只使用他的3个可传授技能的情况下获得一次无情胜利。
64x64px 精神病院 扮演医生,在一场比赛中至少一次,让4位逃生者都达到精神紊乱3级。
64x64px 休克疗法 扮演医生,使用电流攻击命中逃生者累计500次。

自定义皮肤[编辑 | 编辑源代码]




头部 身体 武器

 转生[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 一转——血腥狼牙棒(武器)
  • 二转——医生的血腥白大褂(身体)
  • 三转——血腥赫曼·卡特(头部)

DLC[编辑 | 编辑源代码]



可购买的DLC[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

杂项[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • The Doctor introduced the madness mechanic.
  • The Doctor is the first Killer to have two different Attack Modes.
  • The Doctor's facial equipment, that forces his eyes and mouth to remain open, is a reference to the 1971 Movie A Clockwork Orange where the protagonist undergoes brutal psychotherapy treatment in an attempt to cure his mania and bloodlust.
  • The Doctor's background story may be a reference to MK ULTRA, a CIA research project that officially ran from 1951 to 1973 and experimented with unethical methods of interrogation and mind control.
  • The Doctor's Memento Mori animation was the first where the Survivors see a part of the animation from the Killer's perspective.
    • During this animation, he zaps his victim's head using sparks from his hands until they die.
  • When a Survivor has received Madness, it is possible for them to hear Entity IconHelp entity.png whispers, that are usually only heard by Killers using the Perk Whispers IconPerks whispers.png
  • The Doctor is one of 0 Killers with glowing eyes, the others being the Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith.png and the Hillbilly IconHelpLoading hillbilly.png.
  • Due to technical limitations, the Doctor Illusions, like the Phantasms created by the Hag IconHelpLoading hag.png, always wear the default customisation.
  • The Doctor laughs menacingly whenever he hits a Survivor with his Shock Therapy attack.
    • This laugh is also heard, albeit just by the Survivor, when they got fooled by an Illusionary Pallet.

提示[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • The Doctor's Static Field in Treatment mode is affected by things that adjust your Terror Radius. Increasing your terror radius with perks and items can help to cause more Survivors to scream more often as you move distances around the map.
  • The Doctor's madness application is prevented when hiding inside lockers. Especially useful in tight spaces, you will be able to avoid his shocks and accumulating Madness.
    • When you are on the very edge of the Doctor's Terror Radius, relocate. This way you can keep your Madness levels low at close and long range.
  • One of the hallucinations caused by Madness is a still-standing figure of the Doctor in Punishment mode, appearing near Survivors and staring at them. The Doctor is able to see these figures as if they were a real player, telling him there is a Survivor in the vicinity. Furthermore, the Doctor can use the direction the hallucination is facing to guide him towards his victim.
  • The Doctor moves as fast as The Hag IconHelpLoading hag.png and The Huntress IconHelpLoading huntress.png (4.4m/s) when in Treatment mode, but moves faster (4.6m/s) when in Punishment mode. Remember to switch over shortly after discovering a survivor through their screams, so that you can close the distance more quickly.
  • When using an "Order" Add-on, spawning an Illusionary Pallet or having one dismissed by a Survivor will notify you with flickering static around the edges of your screen, the same experienced by a survivor when they become afflicted by something. This can be used to gauge a Survivor's location in some situations, but it's tricky and unreliable.

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DF charSelect portrait.png 德怀特·费菲尓德 MT charSelect portrait.png 梅格·托马斯 CM charSelect portrait.png 克劳黛特·莫莱 JP charSelect portrait.png 朴·杰克 NK charSelect portrait.png 妮娅·卡尔森 LS charSelect portrait.png 劳丽·斯特罗德
AV charSelect portrait.png 埃斯·维斯孔蒂 BO charSelect portrait.png 威廉·比尔·奥弗贝克 FM charSelect portrait.png 凤敏 DK charSelect portrait.png 大卫·金 ES charSelect portrait.png 昆汀·史密斯 FS charSelect portrait.png 大卫·泰普
GS charSelect portrait.png 凯特·登森 HS charSelect portrait.png 亚当·弗朗西斯 KS charSelect portrait.png 杰夫·约翰森 MS charSelect portrait.png 珍妮·罗梅罗 AW charSelect portrait.png 阿什利·威廉姆斯
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TR charSelect portrait.png 陷阱杀手 WR charSelect portrait.png 幽灵杀手 HB charSelect portrait.png 电锯杀手 NR charSelect portrait.png 护士 SH charSelect portrait.png 迈克尔·迈尔斯 HA charSelect portrait.png 妖巫
DO charSelect portrait.png 医生 BE charSelect portrait.png 女猎手 CA charSelect portrait.png 食人魔 EK charSelect portrait.png 梦魇 FK charSelect portrait.png 门徒 GK charSelect portrait.png 小丑
HK charSelect portrait.png 怨灵 KK charSelect portrait.png 军团 MK charSelect portrait.png 瘟疫 OK charSelect portrait.png 鬼面
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